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170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫

服务内容:170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫

概况:170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫 Rubber damping pad for industrial equipment of 170*170*20 rubber cushion 皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站为您先容:170*170*20橡胶减震垫信息,工业设备......

170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫
Rubber damping pad for industrial equipment of 170*170*20 rubber cushion

Shanghai Songjiang absorber group limited official website for your introduction: 170*170*20 rubber shock pad, industrial equipment, rubber shock pad is a most common rubber shock pad products, not what weight, can be flat at the bottom of the device, is the product of traditional damping, the general effect.

170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫
Characteristics and use of products

The SD rubber ?shock absorber is manufactured by vulcanization using oil resistant rubber and stretch materials: whost surface can reduce the vertical rigidity.The basic dinension of the shock absorber cushion is 84x84x20(mm).The load range covers from 0.2~6KN.It needs no isolation walls.To improve shock absorption effect, multi-layer. isolation cushion should be used.Sepa-rate, layers can be separated by metal sheet(3mm). The total rigidity of n layers of cushion are 1/n that of a single layer.When the isolated object is relatively lighter, you can cut it into 2 pieces.The rigidity is 1/2 that of the original one. The separated isolating cushion can also be used in series.170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫


SD type rubber shock pad is made of high quality rubber as the material, there is a circular depression, corrugated hollow shear. In general, shear force, has low natural frequency, simple structure, easy to use. In order to improve the damping effect of the damping pad for two layer, three layer, four layer series. Suitable for water pump, fan, compressor, chiller, diesel and other mechanical equipment of negative damping.170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫

The SD rubber cushion product produced by Songjiang group is produced by high quality natural rubber NR and has good elasticity and makes a certain contribution to the shock absorption of industrial plant.

170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫

The characteristics of rubber cushions are both high elasticity and high viscosity. The elasticity of rubber is caused by the change of its conformational conformation. The interaction between rubber molecules will impede the movement of molecular chains, thus exhibiting the characteristics of viscous damping, so that stress and strain are often in an unbalanced state.

170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫
170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫
170*170*20橡胶减震垫 工业设备橡胶减震垫

了解该产品详细参数请查看:【样册P85】SD型 橡胶减振垫


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