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概况:【OEM】DN300单球橡胶接头代工“无标” "OEM" DN300 single ball rubber joint agent "no standard" 皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站为您先容:【OEM】DN300单球橡胶接头代工“无标”信息,淞江集团拥有自己......

"OEM" DN300 single ball rubber joint agent "no standard"

Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd. official website for you to introduce: [OEM] DN300 single ball rubber joint agent "no standard" information, Songjiang group has its own production plant, has a set of its own quality control system, from the raw materials to the finished product detection, all according to the super national standard.



The OEM sign says:
Our factory has a set of non - standard abrasive tools, professional for the valve factory to provide OEM service, the main models include: DN40~DN400, pressure 1.6Mpa, starting the quantity: more than 100 units, ordinary ordinary water in our factory all have spot, if the need for special material needs to be customized, such as non - standard ethylene propylene rubber will need to be customized, the quantity: each type: each type The number is over 100, and the cycle is 30 days.为什么选择淞江集团?

Why do you choose Songjiang group?
Songjiang group is the domestic rubber joint industry through the TS pressure pipeline production license unit,and our factory rubber joint through the national type test, the national type test certificate, in the field of rubber joint, we are professional.

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