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概况:【新品】球墨法兰同心异径橡胶接头“全新上市” ball and flange joint concentric reducer rubber joint "brand new listing" 皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站为您先容:【新品】球墨法兰同心异径橡胶接......

ball and flange joint concentric reducer rubber joint "brand new listing"

The official website of Shanghai Meijiang Shock Absorber Group Co., Ltd. introduces: [New] Spheroidal graphite flange concentric rubber joints of different diameters "new listing" information, Meijiang Group to provide customers with better products, the following is the introduction of the new products of Meijiang Group, all flanges are made of ductile iron QT450 material, with good toughness And rust preventive effect.


Please refer to the model of concentric different diameter.




Introduction of ball and flange flange concentric reducer rubber joint:
1, small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance.
2. After installation, it can absorb transverse, axial and angular displacement caused by pipeline vibration; it is not restricted by pipeline dislocation and flange non-parallel.
3, after installation, it can reduce the vibration and noise generated by pipes and pumps.
4. The inner seamless high pressure rubber joint can effectively prevent the corrosion of corrosive medium to the inner wall of the rubber joint in the pipeline with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance, and improve the service life.
5. Spherical flange concentric rubber joint with different diameters has good comprehensive performance, so it is widely used in chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industries, refrigeration, sanitation, water heating, fire protection, power and other basic projects.
6. According to the different materials can be made into acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, high temperature-resistant, radiation-resistant, wear-resistant, aging-resistant and other varieties, adapt to a variety of media and environment.


Songjiang group participated in Shanghai valve exhibition in 2018.


The ball joint flange joint will be unveiled in the exhibition.


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