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来源:【样册P79】BE型橡胶减振器 发布于:2015-12-05 01:17   浏览:859

【样册P79】BE型橡胶减振器 Be rubber damper

皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站电子样册栏目为您先容:【样册P79】BE型橡胶减振器 Be rubber damper信息,该减振器主要适用于柴油发电机组、船舶压缩机、液压泵,产品具有耐油、耐海水、耐盐雾和日照功能。



BE rubber vibration isolator is made from metal and rubber compound, rubber wrap
all the metal surface, to prevent metal corrosion. Products with oil, seawater,
salt spray and sunshine, to meet the land use, marine and other environmental
conditions, quality indicators have reached the United States on military targets.
BE rubber isolator natural frequency of the low damping ratio suitable lateral
stiffness than vertical stiffness for level set, hanging upside-down and side
installation of a variety of forms, flat home use, the lateral stability. When
withstand greater impact, it can automatically limit protection, while the
resonance peak of the Yang system are strong, the instantaneous impulse response
of the transient conditions caused by excessive vibration can quickly disappear
from the device without any shaking, the product interference in a wide frequency
range of vibration effects are quite obvious. Can be applied to all types of
terrestrial, marine machinery and equipment, such as diesel engines, fans, pumps,
air compressors, air conditioners, precision instruments, etc., small machinery
and equipment isolation. The level of interference power to have the machinery
and equipment, use of the isolator can achieve good isolation effect.

以上【样册P79】BE型橡胶减振器 Be rubber damper信息来源于皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站,如需了解更多减震器产品请点击:弹簧减震器查询,欢迎新老客户到我厂实地参观考察,预约电话:021-33666667。


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