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概况: BE型 橡胶减震器 BE Rubber Shock Absorber     产品主要.点与用途 Characteristics and use of products BE型橡胶隔振器由金属与橡胶复合制成,金属表面全部包复橡胶,......

BE型 橡胶减震器
BE Rubber Shock Absorber


Characteristics and use of products
BE rubber vibration isolator is made from metal and rubber compound, rubber wrap all the metal surface, to prevent metal corrosion. Products with oil, seawater, salt spray and sunshine, to meet the land use, marine and other environmental conditions, quality indicators have reached the United States on military targets.
BE rubber isolator natural frequency of the low damping ratio suitable lateral stiffness than vertical stiffness for level set, hanging upside-down and side installation of a variety of forms, flat home use, the lateral stability. When withstand greater impact, it can automatically limit protection, while the resonance peak of the Yang system are strong, the instantaneous impulse response of the transient conditions caused by excessive vibration can quickly disappear from the device without any shaking, the product interference in a wide frequency range of vibration effects are quite obvious. Can be applied to all types of terrestrial, marine machinery and equipment, such as diesel engines, fans, pumps, air compressors, air conditioners, precision instruments, etc., small machinery and equipment isolation. The level of interference power to have the machinery and equipment, use of the isolator can achieve good isolation effect.
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The engineering case
The above information from: Shanghai rubber joint metal hose | Shanghai Shanghai spring shock absorber manufacturing Co., Ltd as the official website in Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber, for more rubber shock pad information can call the company telephone: 021-33666667, we are the Shanghai shock absorber manufacturer, welcome new and old customers to visit my factory.

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