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概况:JS-4-800散热水塔弹簧减震器 Spring damper for cooling water tower 皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站为您先容:JS-4-800散热水塔弹簧减震器信息,淞江集团为楼顶散热水塔推荐一款弹簧减震器,充分利用......

Spring damper for cooling water tower

Shanghai Songjiang absorber group limited official website for your introduction: JS-4-800 cooling tower spring shock absorber, Songjiang group for cooling tower workshop recommended a spring shock absorber, damping characteristics of the full use of integrated steel spring and rubber damping low frequency, can eliminate the high frequency of vibration and noise reduction effect is obvious, and to solve the difficulty of mechanical equipment vibration center are.

JS-4-800散热水塔弹簧减震器 Water tower shock absorber

Songjiang Group production of all spring shock absorber products 10 years warranty, so the Songjiang group is how to ensure the product warranty of 10 years, Songjiang group all spring shock absorber spring with spring steel, spring steel industry is not comparable, good raw materials to produce better products.



The JS spring shock absorber is composed of multiple combination springs as the main body, up and down with steel plates and rubber pads.
The product makes full use of the low frequency and damping characteristics of the integrated steel spring, which can eliminate high frequency transmission, achieve obvious vibration and noise reduction effect, and solve the difficulty of vibration reduction of mechanical equipment with uneven gravity center.

This product is an open structure. When installed, it can be directly placed under the equipment, adjust the center of gravity, then connect the upper and lower ends through the fixed holes, or directly install between the damping seat and the supporting structure. It is suitable for the vibration damping of the mechanical equipment, such as the fan, the water pump, the air conditioning unit and so on.


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