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概况:BGF-DN300热力管道金属补偿器 BGF Heat pipe metal compensator 皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站为您先容:BGF-DN300热力管道金属补偿器信息,淞江集团是一家从事金属补偿器的生产厂家,为北方众多热力......

BGF Heat pipe metal compensator

Shanghai Songjiang absorber group limited official website for your introduction: BGF-DN300 heat pipe metal compensator, Songjiang group is a professional manufacturer of metal compensator, for many northern Thermotics Inc supporting the use of authentic materials all 304 thick corrugated production, to ensure the safety of city heating operation.

BGF-DN300热力管道金属补偿器 Heat pipe metal compensator
BGF-DN300热力管道金属补偿器 Heat pipe metal compensator
BGF-DN300热力管道金属补偿器 Heat pipe metal compensator
BGF-DN300热力管道金属补偿器 Heat pipe metal compensator
BGF-DN300热力管道金属补偿器 Heat pipe metal compensator


Name: stainless steel metal compensator
Caliber: DN300mm
Pressure: PN16
Wave number: 6 wave
Thickness: 1.5mm
Length: 368mm
Scalability: 60mm
Corrugated material: stainless steel 304
Flange material: carbon steel (forging)
Brand: Songjiang group

Manufacturer: Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd.

BGF-DN300 heat pipe metal compensator adopts austenitic stainless steel material or according to user requirements for the manufacture of materials, with softness, excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure, in the pipeline can be connected to any direction, with temperature compensation and absorption vibration and noise reduction, changing the medium conveying direction, eliminate the mechanical displacement of the pipe or pipe and between devices, especially for the flexible joint with double flange corrugated metal hose on the displacement and vibration of pump and valve etc..
The BGF-DN300 thermal pipe metal compensator belongs to a compensation element. The effective expansion and deformation of bellows should be utilized to absorb the size changes caused by thermal expansion, shrinkage and other reasons, or to compensate for axial, lateral and angular displacement of pipelines, pipes and containers. It can also be used for noise reduction and vibration reduction.
Material description: all corrugated metal compensator products of Shanghai Songjiang group are made of stainless steel 304 normal materials, which supports the detection of various spectrometers. One false is compensated for ten, and the thickness is all thicker than the industry standard. In order to prolong the service life, all flanges are made of Shanxi authentic forging materials, all welding materials are higher than the base metal grade standard, and all ear plates are made of thickened size, All the screws are made of grade 8.8 high-strength galvanized. In order to ensure the comprehensive strength of the products 100%, Shanghai Songjiang Group factory has passed the TUV certification of Germany Rhine (Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Nantong Co., Ltd. obtained the TUV certificate of Germany Rhine in 2021). We produce in strict accordance with the production requirements of pressure pipeline, so that each corrugated metal compensator product delivered can reach 100% qualification.
了解该产品参数信息请点击:【样册P93】BGF型 不锈钢波纹补偿器相关链接:【华锡集团来宾冶炼厂】波纹补偿器合同


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