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概况:DN80x65偏心变径橡胶防震接头 Rubber shockproof joint with eccentric diameter and variable diameter 皇冠手机网登录网址官方网站为您先容:DN80x65偏心变径橡胶防震接头信息,偏心变径橡胶防震......

Rubber shockproof joint with eccentric diameter and variable diameter

Shanghai Songjiang absorber group limited official website for your introduction: DN80x65 eccentric adjustable shockproof rubber joints, eccentric adjustable shockproof rubber joint has the advantages of small size, light weight and good flexibility, convenient installation and maintenance, work to reduce structural transmission of noise, vibration absorption ability.

The eccentric diameter rubber joint (rubber big head) is made up of inner layer glue, nylon cord reinforcement, rubber composite spheroid with outer rubber layer and loose sleeve flange. The product has the advantages of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, the displacement of large compensation, reducing vibration and noise absorbing effect, convenient installation and maintenance, convenient metal pipeline installation, pipeline equipment is flexible connection model, widely used in chemical industry, construction, water supply, drainage, oil, light and heavy industry, freezing, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, electric power etc. foundation engineering.
The eccentric eccentric rubber joint is also called shock absorber, expansion joint, pipe shock absorber, shock absorber throat and soft joint. It is a flexible coupling of metal pipe, composed of inner rubber layer, nylon cord fabric reinforced, outer rubber compound rubber sphere and loose metal flange. Now imported advanced production technology is introduced. During the production process, the inner layer is subjected to high pressure, and the nylon cord fabric and adhesive layer are better integrated, which has higher working pressure and better quality than the ordinary flexible rubber joint. It is a kind of pipe joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and climate resistance.

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